Friday, February 25, 2011

Natural foods and drying/dehydration

As of this year I have a new found facination with dried foods. So as of today my new dehydrator arrived and I unpacked and quickly loaded it with banana chips and fresh pineapple.  2 hours to go until they will be ready. (hopefully anyway). So here it is, w/5 of the 8 trays. I chose the Nesco Gardenmaster because of its powerful 1000 watt motor and larger size. the temp is adjustable, and it comes with many extras including a recipie book and Drying Foods book. More later.  It occured to me I had neglected my blog until today, so... back on track. thanks Mary L for the reminder.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Photo gift pillow

Several years ago, my daughter, the one that adores photography, gave me a very special gift. I treasure this because it is one of the earliest pictures I have with my mother.  My daughter made this into a keepsake pillow for me, and today, I felt like taking it out and treasuring it and taking my own picture of it to share. So easy I love the way this is done.  Take your own favorite picture, print it out in reverse on transfer paper, Iron it on, and create your own.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Opossum surprised me!

As I was walking out the back door, imagine my surprise when this little critter looked up at me, glad I turned on the porch light! I stomped my feet to scare it away, it went in the bushes, shrubs.  Not sure who was more surprised it or me!  I was going out to take a picture of the pattern cases I have been organizing, so I had the camera with me.  What luck, I caught a couple pictures of it.  But here is the recent pattern cases I got from my sweet mother in law.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sewing tips from the past

Found this while reading other blogs, just had to share it- smiling all the while.  I never wear lipstick when I sew.  Some days the biggest decision I make is whether or not to get out of my PJ's.  It's all about the creative process.

Fall Decor

This neat table runner was made from Vinyl scrap, and fall flowers taken apart and stitched down. Very easy.  I am also going to make one using silk leaves, fall colors, and then consider, possibilities for spring, summer, and winter.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is in the air

Since July---that is the last time I posted to this blog.  Summer has finally made an exit and it is pleasant to be outdoors. I have made some improvements to the back yard lately, including the removal of the hot tub and have reclaimed the deck.  Now for dining and evenings by the Fire pit, it will be used more often.   It is nice to sit outdoors and write, and enjoy a morning cup of coffee.  During the heat of the summer, I have polished the Airstream, completed the reno, and we took our first trip to the coast.  It was a beastly summer of sweltering heat, but none the less, chores are there to be done.  Done, they are.  Now for some relaxing and enjoying the fall weather. I got back intoo the studio for the first time, yesterday.  Sewing makes my heart sing.  I love creating new things, and dreaming of the possibilities.  More later.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Renovating our Airstream

After putting it on the market for a month, It did not sell.  I am glad, because that gives me the opportunity to really re do it.  First off, Out with the old flooring, and in with new laminate.  Out with the original sofa, in with 2 comfy chairs. Still deciding which ones to use. So then on to the all new painted interior. Really makes a big difference. To date, I am approximately 3/4 finished..  Ordered the fabric for the custom drapes that I will make, and the G-slides that hold them in the original track.  I am excited about  making them, to truly give it the custom look I am going for. It is my desire to find a good graphic artist, to do some airbrush work on the exterior.  If I can't find one, well I will consider doing it myself.
this photo is a preview of where I am for now. Living room~more to follow after completion.